Conquest Chess

Designed in tandem with another collegue, Conquest Chess is a chess set designed to immerse players in the time period when such war, executions, and imprisonment existed in order to encourage greater social interaction between players as the game progresses. In Conquest Chess, if your opponent takes one of your pieces, it gets sent to the guillotine where its head will be chopped off and the piece will be declared dead. However, you may exercise up to three pardons to spare your piece and instead send the to the dungeon if you feel the it could be of value to you later on in the game. You may retrieve this piece by successfully getting one pawn across the board to the other side. Once a piece’s head has been-chopped off at the guillotine, the body may be disposed of in a box located underneath the board next to the dungeon. The piece’s head may then be placed on its corresponding head spike which is located alongside the board as a way of taunting your opponent. The game ends when one's king is in put into check mate, therefore becoming the final beheading of the battle!

The guillotine looms at the edge of the board
Drawers containing the dungeon and piece stroage box extend on either side of the board
A dungeon is located beneath the semi-transparent board that allows a few rays of light to pass through, in order to simulate the effect of a medieval, subterranean dungeon
The storage container below the board provides a place to store each piece to ensure they don't get lost
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